hi object expert, please come to my rescue!

    Apr 27 2012 | 9:22 pm
    I was under the impression that human interface (hi) devices always generated the same output via the hi object in Max, if they were of the same HID object type (e.g. a keyboard). Now I'm finding that maybe that isn't the case?
    I use the hi object to detect what keys are currently being held down. I've been relying on a [route 10] object connected to the hi object's leftmost output to deliver the integer value representing which keys are pressed on the keyboard. That has worked well on 3 different Macs I've tested on, two desktop machines and one older Macbook.
    But now a user of my patch, who works on a Macbook Pro, finds that the key press data output from the hi object is not prefixed by a "10" as on my machine, but by an "11".
    Any ideas why this is the case?