hi object for os x

    Mar 28 2006 | 2:55 pm
    i have just bought a logitech dual action gamepad, and would like to use it with my patched, but i cant seem to set it proporley.
    all i have done is placed the name of the gamepad, as it appears in the system profiler into a menu which goes into the 'hi' object. the 'hi' object is then routed to the 'print' object to show its output, but its output is nothing, where am i goign wrong?

    • Mar 28 2006 | 3:31 pm
      John, when you use auto-generated menu (see the hi object's help patch) can you get data from the controller?
    • Mar 28 2006 | 3:50 pm
      i didnt get an auto menu, i made one. i connected it the same as in the help
    • Mar 28 2006 | 4:08 pm
      > i didnt get an auto menu, i made one. i connected it the same as in the help
      Yes, I understand. I am asking you to use the menu message in the help patch to automatically generate the menu for you in the help patch, just for testing purposes. Does that work? If so, you've done something wrong in your patching. If not, then your device isn't supported by the hi object.
    • Mar 28 2006 | 4:28 pm
      oh, I see!!
      now, how can i see an output of all the buttons, so i can isolate the ones i need using the 'select' tool?
      i am quite new to this program, so forgive my naivity
      thanks so far!
    • Mar 28 2006 | 5:36 pm
      Dear fellow Max/MSP/Jitter artists,
      I'm traveling to India (Mumbai/Bombay, Delhi) in mid April for a short business trip. Any pointers to people/places doing M/M/J work in any of the arts much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
      P r o f . M a r t i n G o t f r i t Director, School for the Contemporary Arts Simon Fraser University Burnaby, BC, V5A 1S6 604 291 3766 facsimile 604 291 5907
    • Mar 28 2006 | 6:30 pm
      The only media arts/activist place I know of in India is Sarai: http://www.sarai.net/ . I visited their place when I was in Delhi about 2 years ago. They do amazing work. Unfortunately, the resident media artist was out of town when I visited. I don't think they're into MMJ though as they are hardcore open source. Still it's worth seeing what they're up to.
      best, wes
    • Mar 28 2006 | 7:10 pm
      Might also be worth checking in with the people in the Raqs Media Collective
      They were recently covered in a KQED forum episode on new media:
      http://www.kqed.org/epArchive/R603211000? itemMD5=ed371c533b4d60caba208d307df342ea
    • Mar 28 2006 | 7:45 pm
      Hi Martin
      I was in Delhi in January taking part in CeC & CaC: http://www.theaea.org/cec_cac/
      Shankar Barua, who organised this, might have some useful pointers for you: shankarbaba@bol.net.in
      Have fun!
      Lawrence Casserley - lawrence@lcasserley.co.uk Lawrence Electronic Operations - www.lcasserley.co.uk Colourscape Music Festivals - www.colourscape.org.uk
    • Mar 29 2006 | 4:57 pm
      > now, how can i see an output of all the buttons, so i can isolate the ones i need using the 'select' tool?
      Each dimension of the controller has a number associated with it. The output of the hi object is a list with the dimension as the first number and the parameter value as the second. The route object will be your friend here.
    • Mar 29 2006 | 6:20 pm
      hi 88mph,
      I have the same controller which I am using for an interactive patch, so I know it works fine. Does the max window report hi is focusing on the Logitech Dual Action? If so, I don't want to be the guy who asks if "the power is on" or anything so condescending, so don't take this the wrong way, but you have to send the hi a poll message followed by the interval in milliseconds you want the Dual Action output to be collected by the hi object, otherwise you will get no output from hi. Good Luck, Jonathan
      PS is there something wrong with the earths gravitational field in 1985?