HID, webcam, mxj woes - reinstall?

    Jun 18 2006 | 10:25 am
    Hi all, and sorry for the rather long post.
    So, since installing maxMSP (most recent version) I have not been able to use the mxj system - max shows the "error:(mxj add dir) unable to init mxj classloader. ERROR: - 10" and cannot "find framework class com/cycling74/max/MaxObject.
    I was confident that this was buggy behaviour that would be fixed in the next version. But then I got a Playstation2->usb converter to use with the Hi object - controllers are being registered, but no values are received.
    And then I found out that Max can't see my webcam either (!)
    So I was thinking: Could this simply be a bad installation? All three problems are a rather big issue for me, esp the Hi object acting up, and I am willing to submit my rig to any reasonable kind of treatment you suggest :) but I am not in much of a hurry.
    AUX Q: What should I back up before uninstalling/reinstalling, apart from the externals?
    Thanks a bunch for any help :)
    Andreas (trying to do some space-age VR)

    • Jun 21 2006 | 6:46 am
      Urgh... Sorry; I hate to be bumping my own question, but I'm really in a jam here... So: reinstall? Not? Full format, even?
      I've got finals coming up and need this in three days (hehe, just kidding ;-) ) Cheers. Andreas
    • Jun 21 2006 | 7:43 am
      I would start off repairing disk permissions and then reinstall without deleting anything first except for preference files. I believe that for anyone to help you further you would have to provide information on what version of Max, OSX and Java you are running currently.
      For what it is worth I'm running OSX 10.4.6 and Max 4.5.7 with no problems like this.
      Best, Trond
    • Jun 21 2006 | 3:39 pm
      Trond, you are of course right, I am so sorry for not providing enough info. If this helps I am using windows xp (so can't repair permissions) latest version of both max and java.
      I will back up all my data and try a reinstall tonight, as per your description. Any further help would be much appreciated.
    • Jun 21 2006 | 4:58 pm
      Are there non-english characters in the name of your hard drive? This has been the source of mxj classloader problems in the past, and although it should be fixed in a forthcoming version of Max for now you may be able to fix your problems by renaming your drive and reinstalling.
      As for the hi object problems, have you used this device combination with the hi object before? How about the webcam?
    • Jun 21 2006 | 6:44 pm