Hierarchical storage with pattrstorage?

    Dec 28 2011 | 4:03 pm
    Can I tell one pattrstorage to control another one?
    Scenario: I program for a MIDI controller. There I select a program number which has a couple of program-specific settings stored. Once in the program, I can press some buttons to perform several actions. When I change the program, the buttons do other things. Means, I need one storage for the program number and associated parameters and one storage for the individual buttons and their actions within the particular program.
    I tried with two pattrstorage objects, two autopattr and so on, cannot get a clue how to do such a hierarchical structure. Maybe with one preset object for the programs and one pattrstorage for the associated button-sets?
    How is that usually done?
    Btw, I am on Max 5.1.7