High precision Endless Encoders

    Apr 24 2014 | 10:10 pm
    What's the optimal algorithm for high precision endless encoders?
    I have some MIDI devices supporting endless encoders. I would like to use these for high precision parameter control.
    There are two requirements: 1. High precision support 2. Ability to change the value drastically
    After two evenings of experimenting I've come up with the code below. It looks to work well with Arturia SparkLE encoders. It expects a list with CC number and CC value, with the sign bit on the seventh position. It will output the same format, but with accelleration for quick movements.
    My questions are: - Is this the optimal solution? - Do you have suggestions for improvement?

    • Apr 25 2014 | 7:38 am
      you could probably write the whole thing into one expr ... :) but for a start, i would remove the GUI objects and use timer and delay instead of cpuclock. otherwise the following rule applies here: when it works good for you, it is right.