Hmm, OK, my 2nd wish about connectors

    Jan 17 2007 | 8:54 pm
    Stefan wrote:
    "It would require a change deep in the Max application. This request is not about trigger, its about how a given connection should behave when I change the number of inputs. For sure its not an easy task to implement..."
    I was afraid the answer would be something like that. Thanks for the clarification, Stefan. Still at the meaning-to-start-learning Java phase, myself, but Saunders' sounds like a good idea.
    Well, then, how about being able to drag the "breakpointed" connectors along with their objects when you have to move them? Another little pet peeve of mine; surely I can't be the first to inquire about that one...?
    P.S. Intrigued by Chanfrault's post, I Googled Siracusa and mandorla. MM-Mmmm... An almond slushy sounds much tastier than my first assumption about granular synthesis based on the intersection of two circles...