Horror game in max/msp/jitter? imposible right?

    Nov 02 2011 | 11:09 am
    Hey all, thought id just share with you a project that i did a little while ago now.
    I don't know if anyone is old enough to remember the Konami game: Zombies ate my neighbors. Well iv done a rehash of it using max :)
    The primary aim of this project was to create an audio engine prototype for a video game.
    The game is simple find your way to the end through the darkened streets then fight a boss and stop the zombie infection! lol
    Ok so i admit visually ... its not great.... However it just goes to show what diversity of things can be done in max! gotta love it!

    • Nov 02 2011 | 11:32 am
      Nice work.
      I'm hoping there is going to be more work done in this area. I think there's some great possibilities in the sound game/toy genre with max, especially with the new physics engine. If I was a jitter expert I'd be working on this right now!
    • Nov 02 2011 | 9:40 pm
      Nice work +1, very atmospheric. Great example of "diversity in Max"
    • Nov 06 2011 | 10:26 am
      @ Mark
      If you are interested in sound toys my lecturer is massively into this
      just search in google for "andrew dolphin sound toys"
      there are two PDF links to papers about his works spiralset and magnular.
      Might be of interest, i thought they were wicked when i had a go with them. Aiden
    • Jul 28 2013 | 11:05 am
      Interesting! I'm just learning how to use a game engine to connecte with MAX so that I can create a sound game. "This was developed as part of my masters degree in "Sound and music for interactive games" @ Leeds Metropolitan University, and as such the majority of development time went into the sound, music and audio engine, rather than graphics & gameplay. " Is it your graduation work? Cool~ Let me see...How can I find ur paper and learn it further?