hostphasor~ and logic pro X

    Mar 01 2014 | 4:38 pm
    This is my first post on the forums so please let me know if I go about this wrong.
    Version of Max: latest
    Version of Logic X: 10.0.5
    The problem:
    When using the help patcher for hostphasor~ I cannot get the tempo from logic x to come through hostphasor~ even though I am in rewire mode. However, it works with ableton live 9. I'd appreciate any suggestions on how to remedy this.
    If there is an easier way to sync a metro object in max to logic's transport let me know.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Mar 02 2014 | 2:00 am
      Hello, Your patch worked for me. Logic X, similar setup. In my experience issues like this can be related to a few possible things: --Is Logic X recognizing the Max 6 ReWire connection? If so The Logic X Library pane will show "Max 6" as an option for external MIDI tracks in addition to "to Max 1" and "to Max 2" --Is Max running in 64 Bit mode? If not then the Logic X ReWire connection will not work. Run Max in 64 bit mode under OSx by clicking command+I on the icon (in the Applications folder) and unchecking the run in 32 bit box. [NOTE: in 32 bit mode the Max ReWire .bundle is called something like Max6ReWire.bundle, in 64 bit mode it's MSPReWireDevice.bundle.] --Is Max successfully running in ad_rewire mode? Try opening Logic before Max. Open Max and go to Audio Status, select driver ad_rewire, and turn audio on. Does the audio stay on? If not try turning audio off, switching to Core Audio, enabling audio, disabling audio, and switching back to ad_rewire. Sometimes this fixes it. --Sometimes there are "leftover" ReWire bundles that can make ReWire connections unreliable. Go to Macintosh HD>Library>Application Support>Propellerhead Software>ReWire. If there are any unused, duplicate, or outdated .bundle files or aliases delete them. --try putting an alias for the MSPReWireDevice.bundle file in the Max 6.1>Cycling '74>ad folder in the Macintosh HD>Library>Application Support>Propellerhead Software>ReWire folder. I've attached a patch that shows a bit about how to sync the Max transport to ReWire, which is another way to get a metro object to sync to Logic. You can also try sending MIDI clock messages from Logic (in Logic go to File>Project Settings>Synchronization>MIDI>Send MIDI Clock) to Max and use the rt object to parse the MIDI realtime messages.