How can a export, from Live for max plugin to Max/jitter a track's output signal

    Nov 10 2014 | 3:03 pm
    I use side by side Max(jitter) and Live, and to my disappointment I don't meet a way to transmit the information (in live performances) of a track volume output signal level (of Live) to Max jitter. (the send and receive don't work). I tried scale the number (to int) and connect to a "ctlout object” (to convert it in midi information and send it), inside the max for live plugin, But until now I didn't get it. This information is simple and easy, but send it to Max (a opositive way) that the plugin work, have beem so hard and dificult to obtain. Coud somebody help me?

    • Nov 10 2014 | 5:06 pm
      I suggest sending data over [udpsend] in this case. Here's a simple way to send to multiple destinations Sender part in m4l:
    • Nov 11 2014 | 12:48 am
      Thank you JKO; That's right. This is enough to make me possible to cut off the MSP signal (save processing) and use the interactivity of the signal level directly to jitter.