How can i control a shift register(74HC595) with Max (Maxuino)?

    Aug 15 2012 | 10:21 am
    Hello, I want to control a shift register with Max. I have searched almost all the Internet but have found nothing useful. The only thing that comes close is this: I do not know well what should I do with.... (I'm not so long busy with Max / MSP and arduino's)
    I use - Arduino rev3 - 74HC595 shift register - Maxuino 014 (or Simple Message System but that is not what I prefer) - Max 5.1
    My questionis: does anyone know how I can control, with the above, a 74HC595 shift register in Max? Maybe a example patch or tutorial? I like a way that I can expand the max patch to multiple shift registers (
    Thank you!

    • Aug 16 2012 | 10:05 am
      The 74HC595 is a 595 and you don't need Maxuino or SMS as you can send the data directly to the the Arduino using the serial object. Just copy the the patch that is on the little scale's page, that's it !!
    • Aug 16 2012 | 5:17 pm
      Thanks for your answer!
      [serial] is also used in SMS (but that's ok). In SMS i can control the pins of my arduino. But how can i control the Shift Register? (i am looking for a way to use e.g. a bunch of toggles for the output of the Shift Register)
      Maybe there is an example patch or tutorial for this? Because with the knowledge I have I can not (yet) make it i think ... ;)
    • Aug 19 2012 | 9:24 am
      Hello, after some googleing i thing i've got it. but i have 2 additional questions: 1)To witch pins do i have to connect the 'dat', 'clock' & 'latch'? 2) what do i have to put on my arduino? Firmata? thanks
    • Aug 19 2012 | 10:12 am
      Firmatta works with Maxuino. SMS, Messenger of CmdMessenger use their own Arduino program to communicate with Max but you can write your own. Sending data to Max is just a matter of using a serial.print on the Arduino so Max can read them using the serial object.
      Receiving data from Max on the Arduino is a bit more tricky but look at the Serial.available and the in the following program, that should work with Little scales's max patch.
      For the pin connections, read here :
      Good luck !