How can I find out if an entry exists in coll?

    Feb 26 2012 | 8:25 pm
    Hi, I need to find out whether an entry exists in a coll so I can do processing depending on whether a value has been stored or not, but can't seem to find any obvious way of getting this.
    Any idea?

    • Feb 26 2012 | 9:01 pm
      This might not be the most obvious way.. but it works :) btw - you could get much more information from [zl sub] if you'd like to. (i.e. the number of occurrences of the value in the coll, the position of each occurrence)
    • Feb 26 2012 | 9:11 pm
      Thanks for the reply, and the patch :)
      Fairly new to MAX so still getting my head round some of the concepts, much appreciated.