How do you see Patches at forum?

    Jan 02 2010 | 8:33 am
    Hello to everybody: I´m new in this community and totally newbie. When I see some threads I see things like this:
    470.3ocyVFsSCBCEF9Z3onoWiy1xP.uvDeNLFSGTm0.kEnSmZbO6VNE1TyFV mJtaJveao+muyoEdw2COqZknAiNGcExy6EeOOPpUvq6YObIeUVAuAFFVIdrZ 183.aWZwJMHyyyV2KtfqytSpleSsHSae2ryhlPBPzv31K1VFYBAcc2btsRoa jOKZGNkY51JqVVJUEBMr1zshUK08prNUqj9oEB6RhajyU7Bbvl61rXxbvyl3 3jT76LfhWBSFeYszL91Nd02usIvQ5LaoVWoFDDLKARAdD22twaNDwz8Ewy3p 46LJojCIX1SpVjOWr1gPb5z1K11+5bMD4ACPfje277dPyEqQQSb.MD.JgIGD ZXeuhhAJ9iGEnb5fEKQvACryn.QXSh9WIxzQgH7GD0bylHSg.AUW1L.eno.X XzP3jBRxu3toCAPgiBfxEE7mVaN6fRPzHxWyGZJwxGx+7VJ1wVATHDylBHxw QAD0M.ASEWHUe9uSfPrU+iTqoZYcV+x2kHPaiwbQiVp3Zo4iyaGS3GFycx7b AzcOBJk4KpjJcmEPWuyLnqNJ0AGwN5bDcTcThKNhLpVJzAKY9rAhNZNh5niF OFE6fiRFUGM0AGE+Cbj4gW8eC3EiNH
    I suppose it´s a Max´s patch, but I only see this code lines. How is supposed I can see the patch? I´m using Google Chrome as browser.
    I apologize for my bad english. Thank you and best regards.

    • Jan 02 2010 | 9:58 am
      There should be a ------begin_max5_patcher-------- and --------end_max5_patcher----------- lines as well as the gibberish compressed text.
      If you copy everything including and between ---begin/end_max5_patcher-------- and then choose New From Clipboard from the edit menu (or just paste into an empty patcher window). It's just a clever way of enabling us to share patches without needing to upload files...........very useful!
      Also, when posting one of your own patches on here, select everything you want to post and then choose Copy Compressed from the edit menu (not normal copy) and then paste into a forum post. If you don't use the compressed format it can make threads really hard to read.
    • Jan 02 2010 | 10:27 am
      It works, thank you very much :-)
      Best regards.