How get MIDI control change message from Moog

    Dec 02 2010 | 10:00 pm
    I send midi control change messages to my external synthetiseur (Minimoog Voyager select serie) without problem. I use "ctrlout" object with number of control change (ex 19 for filter cutoff with this synthetiseur) and value from 0 to 127. No problem.
    However, I would like to get midi control change message from my external synthetiseur too. I use midiin, midiparse object to get this. But when I use the filter cutoff on my synthetiseur, midiparse receive 51 for number control change (and not 19 like that I send) and no lineair, anarchic values for value control change (not from 0 to 127). I would lke to receive lineaire value from 0 to 127 when I use my external filter cutoff.
    Do you know why ?
    PS : in the synthetiseur manual; the list of the voyager's front panel controls ans the correspondance midi control change's precise (for filter cutoff for exemple), 19 MSB 51 LSB. What is MSB and LSB ?
    Best regards