How often does your Max crash because of Mira?

    Oct 10 2014 | 9:10 pm
    I've been having some Max crashes during performance, and I think it was Mira related. I've managed to reproduce a Max crash. I created a new patch, added a mira.frame, then opened the mira.frame help patcher. Then I just fool around a little in the "supported UI objects" frame (moving controls in the iPad), then when I close the help patch, Max crashes. [This is with Max 6.1.8 and Mira 1.1.7]
    I am wondering what is your experience with Mira, is it frequently crashing Max?

    • Oct 14 2014 | 10:56 am
      Used Mira for a year now, at home during live shows. Never had Max crash, mira crashed twice (during the early release days). Macbook pro. OSX 10.9.