How seamless is the transition from max 7 to 8?

    Sep 19 2018 | 10:04 am
    i think it's about time to switch to Live 10, since the new 10.0.3 release seems to have fixed many bugs. the thing is that i'm currently working on a maxforlive project, (Live 9, Max 7) with quite a big user interface. i'm afraid that switching to Live10/Max8 will force me to "fix" the interface, as has happened before, when switching from max6 to max7. for example, sizes of objects or fonts, shapes and colours and other small details had made the UI look weird and forced me to re-make the UI. will the same happen if i switch to Live10/Max8?

    • Sep 20 2018 | 7:46 am
      If you look at the preview videos, you'll see that the interface isn't changing in a significant way like it did in 7. Regarding the "hidden features" mentioned above, I heard from a friend's neighbour of a relative's cousin that it is indeed all true!
    • Sep 23 2018 | 11:35 am
      The transition of 6 to 7 was a desaster for me, because a lot of backward compatibility issues prevented me from switching fast... Now I don‘t see much of that sort of problem, but as Max 8 will have new technologies I was waiting for since ages, I can get rid of all those workarounds I developed in the past years. It will be much work, but its well appreciated... It will boost the reliabilty of my monster patches big time and will make them easier to maintain...
    • Sep 23 2018 | 5:43 pm
      the look of fonts is one of the main problems on my side.
      it is almost impossible to make a patcher with numberboxes and umenus which works the same in max 4, max 5, and max 6/7 without the use of bpatcher and/or different subpatch versions for different max runtimes. for "normal" patches max 7 at least has a superb zooming - without programmatic controlling option, but it works out most of the time. but as soon as you work with something "GUI", this doesnt really help. this is nothing new but i fell like repeating it: the default font is unreadable since max 5. there is nothing worse than systemwide font smoothing IMO. as soon as i use a modern version of max i feel like using GL or something for fonts in the GUI, because the other methods only give me blurred hyroglyphes.
    • Sep 25 2018 | 1:44 am
      @ Stefan Tiedje,
      Hallo Stefan, dies ist Hans Peter Kuhn. Long time no see und ich muss Dich etwas fragen, habe aber keine aktuelle email Adresse, kannst Du mir bitte schreiben? Danke!!!
    • Sep 25 2018 | 11:42 am
      @Roman.... whoa you're giving me a serious flash back to David popping on the forum, saying FINE!!!!, and adding the font antialiasing option.