How to add a delay object into a Makenote object? HELP!

    Feb 19 2008 | 4:31 pm
    I'm trying to do an experiment but can't do the following:
    Delay Object > Makenote Object.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how this is done? So far, I've used the icon on the far left of the menu and selected 'delay' from its MIDI submenu but Max won't let me connect the delay object created to the MakeNote Object. This is what I've done: Keyboard > Delay Object > Makenote object > Noteout Object.
    Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

    • Feb 19 2008 | 4:47 pm
      [delay] only outputs bangs replace with [pipe]
    • Feb 19 2008 | 4:50 pm
      also remember to checkout the helpscreens (option/click) [pipe] is a related object in the [delay] helpscreen
    • Feb 20 2008 | 11:40 am
    • Feb 20 2008 | 12:16 pm
      try pipe delay is for delaying bangs, while pipe is for delaying numerical values also tutorial 22 -md
      On Feb 20, 2008, at 3:40 AM, LearningMax wrote:
      > > thanks!!