How to automatically load audio in buffer~?

    Aug 20 2013 | 5:21 pm
    I can't figure out how I can automatically let the patch load up audio into the buffer~ objects I'm using. Every time I'm working on the patch I have to reload the audio. And I'm planning on using a lot of small audiotracks triggered by many buffers.
    I'm not very good with the program, so if you can explain it as easy as possible, that would be wonderful.
    Greetings, RTD

    • Aug 20 2013 | 5:27 pm
      From the buffer~ manual page: After the buffer~ object's name, you may type the name of an audio file to load when the buffer~ is created.
    • Aug 20 2013 | 5:30 pm
      So, after loading the audio I just make a Message object with the filename in it? (For example: audiofile.wav) This means that next time the patch finds the audio file if it is still in the same location on the computer, right?
    • Aug 20 2013 | 7:55 pm
      make sure the audio is in the same folder as the max patch. Also you need a loadbang connected to the message 'open audiofile.wav'
    • Aug 20 2013 | 8:08 pm
      As the manual page tells (and as the "format" tab of the buffer~ help file demonstrates), the filename can be entered as the second typed-in argument to the buffer~ object if you want. The audio file needs to be in the Max File Search Path.
    • Aug 20 2013 | 8:32 pm
      Ah! Thanks for all the information. Your info and links made it very clear for me. I figured it out!
      Greetings, RTD
    • Aug 20 2013 | 10:53 pm