How to be notified when any new device is posted to

    Aug 20 2012 | 2:05 pm
    Greetings all.
    I've linked the RSS feed of new devices on to a twitter account. If you use twitter and follow @maxforlive_com you'll see a tweet for every new device posted with a link to it.
    I used to use the RSS feed for this directly via Safari but now that Safari 6 has removed RSS support I needed a new way. Using twitter has the added benefit of allowing my phone to notify me as well when a new device is posted.
    There is a maximum 1.5 hour delay from posting your device until the tweet occurs. This is to allow for Feedburner to hit my site to get the new data via RSS, then polls the RSS once every 30 minutes. This lag is actually desired as it gives you a chance to fix up the entry for your device before it is likely tweeted about to the world.
    For discussion and updates about continue to follow @synnack but to be notified whenever a new device is posted, follow @maxforlive_com