how to compile external to be visible on all machines?

    Feb 18 2006 | 1:32 pm
    few people reported problems with my externals which i compiled under xcode, they are not visible as max externals but as folders or something else (and they obviously don`t work in max)
    while i have no problem on my machine (os x.3.9 with latest max/jit). as far as i can say there is no general situation (system or max version) where the problem occurs, are they any tips for compilation and compatibility. (or is it a problem on the local computer?) i saw the other posts about it, although related, i couldn`t solve it,
    thanks, wojciech

    • Feb 18 2006 | 1:47 pm
      Hi Wojciech, this has also been a problem bugging me for some time. Do you have a Pkginfo file inside the Contents folder of your .mxo bundle? Please find one attached that should make your externals appear on any osx. Within your xcode project you can easily create it by checking "Force package info generation" in your target's build option and in the "Properties" register card enter Type:iLaX and Creator:????
      hope that helps, Thomas
    • Feb 18 2006 | 2:30 pm
      I'm also wondering if this is related to the "/7" problem discussed on the main Max/MSP list. As in: type /7 into an object box (as if you were creating a divide-by-seven object but leave out the blank). Hit enter. On some OS X configurations, an arbitrary external is instantiated under the /7 name. I think in all cases it has been XCode bundles that are bitten.
      Presumably these problems will be resolved when 4.5.7 is released, but who knows?
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    • Feb 18 2006 | 8:48 pm
      This is because of the lack of the MaxAPI and MaxAudioAPI frameworks on the target system. The Max runtime uses them as a springboard to load mach-o bundles from a CFM application. I have no insight into the Cycling process, but I would imagine this requirement will go away when Max becomes a mach-o to achieve universal binary status.
      Try tossing those two frameworks onto the other system and see if the problem still occurs. I have had to ask people to install the demo of Max/MSP to get my mach-o extern's to work (YUCK!).