how to configure maxmsp sdk on visual studio express C++ on Window XP

    Apr 26 2008 | 2:38 pm
    I ask you because i think you can send me a response.After downloading Max Msp sdk and jitter Sdk on C:ProgramFilesmaxmspsdk and visual studio express 2008 C++, I would like to implement max 's objects, But how to configure max msp sdk jitter sdk and quicktime sdk in visual studio? Must I need other package sdk like directx sdk or other like java sdk, eclipse or another? And must I reconfigure visual studio for every project, or is it a same configuration at any time? Or must I record any configuration in any corresponding projects? I read all tutorials from cycling 74 on subject, but it's not very comprehensive part for configure visual studio. (I try to use mingw 5-14 before but it deleted all my programs with install, uninstall) I think visual studio express C++ 2008 is stable.
    Thanks for advice!
    Olivier Nota used MaxMsp on windows Xp

    • Apr 26 2008 | 7:22 pm
      the sdk comes with several example projects (inside the folders max-projects, msp-projects, etc.) which contain visual studio project files. open those files and check the settings (they should convert to vs9 with no problem). they should also compile with no problem.
      these projects, and the writing externals pdf are all you should need to get started.