How to convert "Plot~" data to be understood by ifft~

    May 24 2013 | 8:16 am
    Hi everybody !
    I'm trying to do a kind of microphone correction patch. I've got 2 microphones (one extremely linear and the other more or less) coming into my sound card. I make a FFT of each one that I visualize into a plot~. Then I do a few operation with the lists of data (coming from plot~) in order to visualize the difference between the two microphones. Finally I add this difference to the more or less linear microphone fft data.
    Now what I would like to do is to create a kind of signal from those data that would be "readable" (understood) by ifft~. The purpose is to get a signal (out of ifft) that would have the same frequency spectrum as the very linear microphone. It doesn't matter if it doesn't sound good because I won't listen to this signal.
    I tried to create that signal with a multi slider + listfunnel + peek~ and buffer~ but that doesn't work... (each point has the same value...)
    I also tried to stay in the "signal patch chord" domain using a pfft subpatch to get the difference but that doesn't work too.
    Thanks for the help !
    Here is my patch...