How to deal with script created objects if a patch is saved?

    Mar 16 2017 | 5:23 am
    Here's my scenario: I have a main patch that creates and names objects (abstractions) via scripting. If the main patch is saved and reopened, those objects get created again (over top the previous ones, and named objectname[1] etc), which is no good. I can't script delete them on the patch being freed in case a user of the main patch is prompted to save (it'll save the state with those patcher objects existing before freebang gets called). I can't do anything on the patch loading (e.g. search for those objects and delete them right away) because the objects will already exist, and if the abstraction files they depend upon aren't found there'll be errors.
    This seems like it would be a relatively common scenario but I can't find anything that would help me figure it out. I must be overlooking something?!? Thanks for any help :}