How to define a hierarchy for pattr?

    Jul 11 2012 | 4:31 pm
    Hi List,
    when there is a 'pattr-aware' object in a subpatcher, normally it would appear in a pattrstorage as a 'child' of the subpatcher containing it. I'd like to simulate the same effect, but within a single object: that is, I'd like to see many entries in the pattrstorage grouped together as 'children' of my object when I add a single instance of my object. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to achieve this.
    Does anyone have any idea? Any help is appreciated!
    Thanks, Ádám

    • Aug 01 2012 | 1:04 pm
      There's no real way for you to do this. The closest you can come is to add the values in question as attributes to your class, and then use an autopattr in greedy mode, with its include-outlet connected to the object. I don't think that's entirely what you want, though.