How to define where [coll] data will be saved?

    Dec 29 2012 | 8:53 pm
    Hello, I use [coll] objects where the corresponding data is saved as an external file. The method I try to use is the usual one: send a message "write something" to a [coll] object. I would like to be able to define where the coll data will be saved. For now it saves into Applications/Max5/ , or to one of its subfolders in case I mess with it in a "certain way" (although right now as I write I tested that again and cannot even reproduce the saving into a subfolder, all data is saved into the main Max5 folder)
    I was hoping to change the destination by setting a different path for [filepath] as Rick showed me in the previous thread that I have started. Again it did work to a certain extent: I have managed to save one data file directly to my desktop (the folder I wanted to use was also on the desktop). With this one exception files would save to Applications/Max5/ , as usual.
    Is there a way to have perfect control over this action and save data somewhere else than into the main Max folder? And what is the reason that some data files save as simple documents and others as Unix Executable Files?
    Thank you for all explanations, carloskleiber

    • Jan 07 2013 | 11:56 pm
      You have to specify the full filepath. A couple of approaches illustrated below. The unix executable thing is probably your OS not knowing what to do with the file -- if you rigorously use extensions (.txt, etc.) you won't have that problem.