how to get 2 [] and 1 [] into

    Oct 17 2014 | 8:44 pm
    the great, great Vades' [Syphon_Recorder] that is the fastest capturer ever written to record video and synced sound into a QT file ...
    I know that I have to get the [] to a texture, slab or videoplane to go into [] but obviously too short minded to find out how to do this ...
    any helping hands & brains out there? would be lovely.

    • Oct 17 2014 | 10:35 pm
      hey, it seems capturing the text2d with [] and not using the drawto attribute give some, er, results ?... at least it's transmitted form syphon server to client apparently.
    • Oct 18 2014 | 4:28 pm
      Thanks for watching me VICHUG, but what you say was not the cause of the defunction.
      But as today is saturday and I have neither a car to wash and nor a garden to tidy up (as my father used to during the golden weekends of the year '74); I therefore had a couple of hour for diving into the marvels of |@name xxx| and |@capture xxx|, two curious guys that live in openGL land and that I met for the first time this afternoon ...
      So for the record: this is how you get a [] travelling safe through a Syphon tube:
      - make a [] name it according with your render context, use the '@name' attribute to give it a particular name, e.g. 'xxx' - the the [] object reference to the texture calling its name with the '@capture' attribute and drive its output into a [] that is named accordingly to you render context.
      you can than gather the last via [] into your and use that outlet to go into the []
    • Oct 18 2014 | 11:29 pm
      Overlaying text on video was something I was trying to figure out. Thanks for this.
      A question I have is, if I want to make the jit.window fullscreen, how do I make the text scale to how it looked on the small jit.window? My purpose is for watermarking the video.
      Thank you for your time.