How to get MaxMSP to "discover" audio interface

    Feb 21 2013 | 8:19 pm
    I am having a problem with Max 5.1.9 in OSX 10.8.2. Max is not "discovering" my MOTU Ultralite when I launch Max for the first time. The Ultralite shows in AudioMIDI, but not in Max. I have tried re-banging the adstatus object, but it still does not find the Ultralite. OSX knows it's there, but Max won't find it.
    I can get out of this by restarting Max, but in live gigs this is just one more thing to slow me down during setup.
    This seems to be new in Lion. Also new is a blazing fast launch of Max. I'm wondering if Lion is somehow launching Max from some sort of "hibernate" disc image that it created at the last shut down. Just guessing, but it seems related.
    Any tips?
    Thanks, T Bruce

    • Feb 22 2013 | 6:07 pm
      Well, perhaps I should have come up with a better title, like FREE BEER. I know this may look mundane on the surface, and somewhat of a newbee question, but it is actually something new and different with Max 5 and OSX Lion. For some reason Lion seems to be launching my main patcher from a disc image or something. It's great in that it launches in a tenth of the time (just a couple seconds), but it seems to bypass some sort of discovery process when it launches that way, and Max doesn't see my Ultralite.OSX sees it, it shows in AudioMIDI, but Max will not list it as a driver choice. If I quit Max and re-launch, everything is back to normal, i.e. longer launch time, and the Ultralite shows up.
      Anyone find this interesting at all? Got ideas? I can't find anything relating to this in the archives.