How to get names of objects in separate patches? (using pattrmarker/pattrhub/??)

    Mar 16 2017 | 8:02 pm
    I'm trying to get a list of named objects in a patch remotely. In an instrument patch say, I can place a [pattrmarker PatchName], name a UI object (e.g. ObjectName), then in a separate patch send data to that object by sending "bind to ::PatchName::ObjectName" to a [pattr] and sending data to that p[pattr]. In that separate patch I can get "PatchName" by sending "getmarkerlist" to a [pattrmaker] object, but how do I get ObjectName? It seems like something one of the pattr___ objects should be able to do but I'm not seeing it. I would have thought sending "patcher PatchName" and then "getattributes" to a [pattrhub] would work but it just gives me a random name (one that was automatically assigned to ... something seemingly unrelated, not sure what's going on there). Any ideas? Thanks!