How to keep the jit.window (fullscreen, monitor2) if I use Live 9

    Jun 06 2013 | 9:35 am
    I use a Max6-Jitter program to generate visual pattern from audio signal (jit.catch~ +++).
    I use 2 applications : Audio signal come from Live 9 to Max6-Jitter.
    In stage, I use the jit.window (fullscreen mode) on the 2nd monitor (videoprojector).
    However, I have to stay on the application Max6-Jitter to keep the jit.window. If I want to change something in Live 9, Jit.window disappear (and my desktop appear on the stage screen) : this is my problem.
    It is possible to keep the jit.window (fullscreen) if I pass from the application Max6-Jitter to Live ?
    (M4L is a solution but it work only for 1 channel audio, however, my programm use 4 channels from Live).
    Best regards