how to make cue sheets being processed in the background

    Jun 22 2013 | 12:55 pm
    Dear People,
    this is my first thread and first question as so many have already been asked and answered here. I have built a sampler to playback files from my hard drive, being preloaded into sflist~ to be read without latency. Everything works fine but the fact that MAX freezes for a couple of seconds when loading huge cue sheet lists at once. If so, I cannot do anything else for that moment and if it's happening live or while something which is triggering the samples inside MAX, it's being interrupted. My question is therefore: is there any way to schedule the loading and processing of my cue sheets in the background or on another core of the cpu, that it doesn't affect the whole patch?
    Thank you so much in advance (and for all the questions which have already been answered to me without having even asked), I hope somebody knows any advice.
    Best, Nico