how to record midi channel output to dac

    Apr 19 2011 | 2:51 pm
    Hello all, I just need to know how to record midi data to dac, I have 4 midi channels set up for volume (MIDICC 07 , chan number) and ideally I would like to arrange this into a mixer where I can independently control the level of each midi channel out
    At present I can just record the midi data via the microphone on my laptop.
    When MIDI data is sent to a channel number in max, how do I save this output as an audio signal (I want to write wav, aiff etc files to disc)
    I'm currntly using sfrecord but can't work out how to set up the midi data and record it using the sfrecord object.
    All advice is very much appreciated

    • Apr 19 2011 | 9:21 pm
      should probably say im not using a midi controller or anything external, i just need to write the midi channel output as a wav, aiff etc (kslider to noteout to ....?) along with any other audio. audio is easy but is there an MIDI~dac object or equivalent?
    • Apr 20 2011 | 12:01 am
      Midi is quite different than audio.
      You should check out the Midi tutorials.
      If you want to record midi data I would suggest starting to look at the seq object. It's pretty sweet.
    • Apr 20 2011 | 9:27 am
      Hi [sfrecord~] records audio sent into or within Max; the MIDI sounds are external to Max (from a soundchip/card or other hw/sw midi device) - the audio you hear is nothing to do with Max. A workaround would be to directly connect your soundcard output to input and record from [adc~] in Max, but beware of phasing or feedback issues - don't monitor the input in Max.
    • Apr 20 2011 | 10:39 pm
      cool, cheers Brendan, I have cubase and think I can do it via rewire, but will try to get it set up in max as its probably less effort for my hormonal laptop at the mo. This all makes me think I should really read up about computer hardware - especially sounds cards for a start
    • Apr 20 2011 | 10:46 pm
      @ bwu I have had a tinker with the seq object, just to be clear does this enable me to record the audio the MIDI is responsible for 'creating' or is the seq object more about recording a MIDI file (like the MIDI note placements on a piano roll)
      for example at the momnet I have a MIDI cc 07 for volume on a fader in my patch, so if I move the fader up and down obviously my sound card is doing some work and I can hear the change but I can still only record this via the in-built microphone on my laptop, rather than the raw audio file that is just the MIDI(+audio)
      Ia this a setup/preferences issue? If I could record all MIDI data to an output channel that would do.
    • Apr 21 2011 | 3:10 am
      right. The seq object records the MIDI data (like the MIDI note placements on a piano roll), not the audio that the MIDI creates. I don't think that it's a set up or preferences issue. So essentially, you could record everything that you are doing and then save that midi data and then play it back in max, but you are not recording the audio (so what you have saved will be a data file as opposed to an audio file). I like noob_meisters work around. That seems like a good solution.
    • Apr 21 2011 | 9:30 am
      the old analogy is applicable here: MIDI is a musical score, it simply tells an instrumentalist (or instrument) what sound/pitches/durations etc to play; on its own MIDI can't make a sound, it's a list of instructions. No instrument no sound.
    • Apr 21 2012 | 10:01 am
      @n00b_melster how can i record midi signal to save a *.midi file ? from the patch which we build by makenote & noteout objects ?
    • Apr 21 2012 | 4:17 pm
      [seq] and [detonate] can both record MIDI files, [seq] is limited to Type 0.