How to remove standard menu and add custom menus?

    Aug 08 2011 | 1:31 am
    I created a MAX application that includes a custom menubar to allow DSP Status and Audiotester and it works well.
    However, users of the app continually complain about File->New/Open/Close/Save, etc,, Edit->/// Window->/// - because all of the standard menu items do anything in this app (they serve no purpose in this app other than to confuse users).
    All of the max tutorials, help, and support suggest that I should use “;max hidemenubar” to get rid of the standard menus and then use UI objects to create a custom menu.
    Problem 1 – “;max hidemenubar” does not remove the menubar – in fact it turns on MaxMenus, so now the app has even more confusion for users.
    I completely bypassed the previous menubar setup and replaced it with “;max hidemenubar” and it does not work.
    I created a simple test app with nothing but “;max hidemenubar” and it does not work.
    Windows XP dev platform using MAX 5.1.8. ~95% of users are on PC.
    When using the “;max hidemenubar” on Mac OS there’s another problem. It hides the standard App menus, but also the entire OS menus and dashboard are gone.
    Problem 2 – finding the proper UI object (assuming there is a way to get hidemenubar to work on PC) – could anyone suggest the proper UI object to help in this case?
    My project only needs the following:
    File->Exit Settings->DSP Settings->Audiotester Help->About MyApp
    If it is not possible to get this functionality working similarly on both PC and Mac, it would it would be very valuable to know.
    Last question 3: if I am stuck with all of these menu items, is there a consistent means to override Max behavior?
    Your guidance is greatly appreciated!

    • Aug 08 2011 | 6:20 am
      One way of dealing with this is a manual edit of the maxinterface.json file which is packed with the program. Now I am not working on windows, so I can't tell actually where to find this file, but when you open it you should scroll down to "menus" where you can quite freely remove portions.
    • Aug 08 2011 | 7:04 am