how to save presets without file on disk ?

    Feb 06 2014 | 10:51 pm
    Hi @all_morph_addicts I have built a patch to reset midi learned parameters in Ableton Live to desired values. in order to keep the presets for the different reset-values I use:
    — [pattr] for every reset value and for the CCs, Parameter Mode Enabled √ — [pattrstorage] assigned to the values & its text notes only, not the CCs, PM Enabled √ — [preset] assigned to the pattrstorage
    everything works really well, one thing I'd like to have though, is a blank [preset] field when I drop the plug-in somewhere else, so that I can store presets for this device only and not generally for the plug-in (being asked to save the file to disk and the PI reads it where and whenever it is used…)
    is this at all possible? I would think so for I have seen it in other people's plug-ins before (empty preset when loaded the first time) — perhaps anyone around can give me clues!?
    thanks a ton!