How to save the last parameter state with the Live Set?

    Oct 21 2020 | 8:07 am
    Issue solved mainly by reading this guide.
    For any future dwellers:
    * Set up a pattrstorage on your main patch with Parameter Mode Enable set to true. * On Max for Live UI objects set Parameter Mode Enable to true * Set up individual pattr objects for non-Max for Live UI objects with Parameter Mode Enable set to true * Turn off Initial Enable on the UI objects or they will flicker on load.
    I've seen several topics like this + guides. None seem to work. I'm looking to find out the right combination of the settings to get this to work.
    I've got 4 radiogroups inside bpatchers which I want to keep their current state every time the Live Set is saved. Is this possible without saving the values to a file? Is it possible without having to manually save presets?
    I see the values being updated in the clientwindow, in the storagewindow I don't see any values, just the names of the devices which parameters should be stored.
    Patch state: * pattrstorage with parameter enable set to 1, a name and Initial Enable set to true. Everything else is the default values. * radiogroups have Parameter Device Enable set to 1
    What I've tried (focusing on 1 radiogroup inside a bpatcher), each point is independent: * 1 autopattr (which got correctly identified in the pattrstorage's clientwindow) * 1 pattr (which got correctly identified in the pattrstorage's clientwindow) * Initial Enable set to 1 and set to 0
    Help would be much appreciated. Thanks.