How to use tk.wii?

    Dec 03 2012 | 10:15 pm
    Hi all.
    I've installed TK.Wii remote to my copy of max, but I can't for the life of me get my remote to connect. It popped up inside Windows explorer and Windows installed drivers for it when it paired them together (without a security key), but I can't figure out how on earth to get max to get the information, and the wii remote doesn't seem to stay on for long either...
    I've opened the help file forthe tk.wii object which contains an example, but it doesn't seem to be getting any info.
    Can anyone walk me through the process?

    • Dec 04 2012 | 10:27 am
    • Dec 04 2012 | 1:05 pm
      oooh, that was a quick bump : P
      Anyhoo, I've found the Toshiba Bluetooth stack very simple and reliable, back in the day many people complained about the generic Windows drivers. If you Duck (or Google) Windows Bluetooth Toshiba, or look here, you should be sorted:
      I no longer run tk.wii or the Bluetooth drivers or Vista (I'm on Win7 now), so I can't offer any more specific help, sorry.
    • Dec 04 2012 | 1:19 pm
      Thanks, do you have that Max patch still by any chance? I use Windows 7 64-bit on my PC and Laptop, and my Laptop is a Toshiba one with their Bluetooth Stack installed. I'm using a USB bluetooth adapter for my PC...
      Maybe I'm just doing something wrong...
    • Dec 04 2012 | 1:43 pm
      Sure. I'll have a root round my back up drive later.
    • Dec 04 2012 | 1:45 pm
      I've connected to my laptop using the Bluetooth Stack by Toshiba, but tk.wii is still reporting this in the max window whenever I hit 'connect':
      tk.wii>>error>>deviceID 0 NotFound
      I'm using the tk.wii patch from the help file (what sort of 'help' file doesn't have PROPER documentation. ugh!)
    • Dec 04 2012 | 5:02 pm
      Nope, can't find that old file, but I can give you my tk.wii files and a simplified Max patch that I used for testing. I haven't tested this recently though. Not convinced this will help though, as any problems I remember when I used to do a lot of Max/Wiimote stuff ALWAYS stemmed from the somewhat conflicting advice on the various convoluted pairing processes for different Bluetooth drivers. This is way back in the GlovePIE days!
    • Dec 05 2012 | 10:09 am
      Thanks, yeah it does overall seem like a bit of a pain.
      I'm a windows guy too, but it always seems like you're going to be doing workarounds using Max on a Windows machine as opposed to a Mac. Can't really understand the logic of that, given that most programmers will come from a PC background... it's a huge shame. I still can't understand what the point is in making mac-specific things, or not putting the time in to develop suitable PC versions of their plug-ins or whatever.
      But I digress... the only reason I needed the Wii remote at all was to work out velocity somehow, maybe there's an algorithm that exists that will let me do it for kinect...