how to use to_texture with changing window sizes?

    Jan 24 2006 | 3:39 pm
    i use the to_texture method to create some feedback of a render context, which works fine. i get problems though after changing the size of the associated jit.window.
    as jit.window and texture need to be of the same size, i would expect that a change of the dim of to the correct window size would do the job, but after the feedback is initiated once with certain dimensions, i can only get it to work in _those_ dimensions; others will produce the error message ' error doing screengrab!:GL Error: Invalid value' on every bang.
    if i change dimensions _before_ the to_texture is sent to the for the first time, the feedback will feed back fine.
    so my question is: how can i change the size of the render context & still get feedback (without having to reopen my patch ;-) ?
    jan klug
    -----example patch: