how to use TWO cameras in Jitter?

    Oct 19 2006 | 7:09 am
    I want to use two cameras, one for catching live video, another for triggering (start) the series of effects.
    How to use two cameras at the same time?

    • Oct 19 2006 | 8:13 am
    • Oct 19 2006 | 9:15 pm
      >Thanks. but how to define a device ID? the help file doesn't say.
      Assuming that the help files are your only resource is ill-advised. Even if you weren't enterprising enough to search the website for discussions of this topic, you have a nice tutorial on working with live input as well as the online reference manual page for the jit.qt.grab and jit.dx.grab objects.
      This advice to beginners is given with some regularity: DON'T assume that the help file contains everything you need to know about the messages or attributes of a given object. DO assume that it's on the Reference manual page.
      That advice will serve you well. Good luck.