Howto: Multichannel Audio on WINDOWS 7 ?

    May 05 2014 | 2:46 pm
    Anyone knows how to get Quicktime-Movies with multichannel audio working on a windows machine?
    (I already posted this question here: ,but it's an old post.)
    I use multichannel qt movies in jitter a lot on my Mac by simply assigning the audiochannels to "discrete 0, 1, 2..." inside Quicktime.
    But now I have to transfer a patch to a windows computer and I just cannot get it to work. (I tried on Windows 7 and on Windows 8). The problem seems to be, that on the windows machine the quicktimeplayer just doesn’t communicate with the sound card. I tried several settings for the quicktime player and I tried different routings inside the quicktimefile. Neather within Jitter nor without Jitter does the Quicktime Player output the audio.
    Is it just not possible or what is the trick? It’s driving me mad!
    Thanks in advance!

    • May 06 2014 | 5:35 am
      Hi René,
      before getting mad :-) why not just export the audio to a soundfile and sync the frames of the movie with the ms-audio position?
      all the best
    • May 06 2014 | 7:42 am
      Hi tobi,
      Thanks for answering :) I have already tried that and found it unreliable. I experienced slight stuttering of the movie or dropped frames. Actually, I find the attached method I am using now more reliable (or more smoothly running... :).
      Anyway: it is a workaround. And a workaround is always a workaround! Why make it complicated? If there is no need for having the audio processed any further in MSP, then I think the most easiest and reliable way is to embed the audio into the quicktime file. Just 1 file, 1 object - play it and enjoy. At least on a Mac... ;)
      So if there is a way to do this on that evil Windows Machine, I would love to know how!
      all the best, rené
    • May 07 2014 | 8:56 am
      Great link, bene!
      I will try on the weekend. Maybe I oversaw a detail.
      best, rené
    • May 22 2014 | 1:48 pm
      A question for Mr.L
      When you say:
      I use multichannel qt movies in jitter a lot on my Mac by simply assigning the audiochannels to "discrete 0, 1, 2…" inside Quicktime.
      What objects are you using? I've built a performance patch using and spigot~ to play the audio, but now I need to play the same files with 3 tracks. L audio, R audio, click track are embedded in a QT movie.
      Spigot~ only plays stereo so I've set up sfplay~ to play the audio files, but I was wondering if what you said means there's a better solution. On a mac, btw.
    • May 22 2014 | 3:48 pm
      I realise you are probably just not using spigot~ or the soc message and having the audio go straight to the sound card.
      Okay. I'll keep looking for a good way of getting access to the audio but still having 3 channels... :(
    • May 22 2014 | 4:29 pm
      @Mattioats: You are right, I am not using spigot because it only supports two channels. That's the whole point. The audio goes straight to the sound card.
      If you want to use it with MSP, I guess you will have to use sfplay and synchronize it with the video. If the files are not to large, you could also build a second movie with a small resolution (and a black image for example) and put the 3rd channel there and then use a second spigot.
      @Bene: I tried it, and still didn't get it to work on the Windows. I use sfplay now and synchronize....
    • May 26 2014 | 7:10 am
      @ Mr.L Mmmh, it works here. What hardware do you use? Did you set the multichannel audio hardware as the default output? Is it the current 32bit Max? Did you set the WASAPI out in Quicktime player?