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    Aug 18 2008 | 5:18 am
    I am quite new to jitter and would need some help to figure out how to get internet html data into max.
    My friend has an iphone 3g and uses ( to get GPS readings in real time. Now he asked if it was possible to get the data into max.
    I have read a post mentioning that [jit.uldl] is the way to go to dowload data from the net. (B.t.w, I've updated this object to the latest april 1st 2008 version)
    The answer for what i need to do would seem to be here in this post below. But after trying the given patch, nothing really seems to be working right?? I get a few errors like- "jit.str.regexp: could not compile: unmatched parentheses"
    and the patch;
    Maybe there are other ways without using[jit.uldl] or [jit.regexp], but this is the closest I got to finding my answer. I guess ?? ;)
    Thanks in advance for any help on this .
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    • Aug 19 2008 | 2:49 pm
      Questionable source material.
      You are escaping the first parenthesis in your jit.regexp. Changing that should remove your error.
    • Aug 20 2008 | 11:31 pm
      bonjour faire signe au machiniste
      J'aime ton titre ;-)
      Have you read the entire post ?? even the title. the porn part is not mine !!!! I couldn't give a shit !!
      What interest me is getting the html source of instamapper or (any site for that matter) into max and parse changeable data.
      #1 problem. I don,t know jitter much.< but i've been reading. #2 I don,t know html. < to track what I want to parse. < but i've been reading ( learned a few
      #3 i can't get the help files to work. So, I could at least try to figure out what,s going on.
      I am really desperate to get this fabulous object running.
      Finally, basically I just want to get basic max data so I can 't music! I am not really concerned about jitter matrices at the moment.
      Merci beaucoup pour ton temps
    • Aug 20 2008 | 11:38 pm
      I meant Finally, basically I just want to get basic max data so I can do some music! I am not really concerned about jitter matrices at the moment.
    • Aug 21 2008 | 1:15 am
      hi fairesigne
      here is the patch again. The time with the greenwich meantime.
      I am now able to get to code(< I added the matrix argument)
      would you be kind enough to help me get the changing time value.
      thanks a million
    • Aug 22 2008 | 5:11 pm
    • Aug 22 2008 | 11:46 pm
      thanks for the tip emmanuel
      But the point of using this example was just to demonstrate how to parse a variable from a website.
      What I'm hoping for is,maybe someone showing a sample patch of fetching a desired data.
      By the way, are there any other way than w. the Perl jit.str.regexp.
      I"m sure this is extremely simple for many of you.
      For me, it's been a nightmare.
      I've been working really hard to figure this one out.
      The best way of understanding concept/patches etc.. for me up to now, has been to take relatively complex patches apart. Then I come up w. my own stuff.
      But basically, getting my hands dirty!
      That's what i've been trying w. the PARSER/downloader section in the [jit.str.regexp] help file.
      Again, any help on how to get a variable from a website into Max would be greatly appreciated.
      Thanks a million in advance
      Anxiously waiting :-)
    • Aug 25 2008 | 3:11 am
    • Aug 25 2008 | 4:32 am
      Hi emmanuel
      Just a quick question I forgot to include in my last reply.
      you said;
      >The problem with both website is that the pages are dynamic on the client side.
      -Why is this a problem? Is it because the jit.uldl searches for code that are dynamic on the server side? I have read that Perl is used for server-side scripting. And is that why we use [jit.str.regexp]??
      you said; >It seems though that instantmapper have an API which gives you access to the a static page:
      -which is said by the authors that "You are allowed to issue at most one request every 10 seconds (30 seconds for HTTPS)."
      So basically, I will dynamic data in MAX, I will have to download the page, say, every 11 sec.
      THanks again
    • Aug 25 2008 | 4:36 am
      I will be out of the office from August 7 until August 25 and will not have access to my email account. If you need assisitance while I am away please contact Ana Varas at 754-321-2050 or
      Thank you