I am an object owning a patcher - allow modify read only

    Nov 07 2010 | 5:42 pm
    I have an object that owns patchers.
    I call noedit on the patchers (and their owned patchers. I'm sure at some point in the past that allowed you to use the modify read only command to edit them, but now it doesn't.
    I probed the messlist for a patcher and saw allowedit and allowmod, but neither of these appear to get me anywhere.
    How do I set the patcher so it is not editable *unless* the user chooses modify read only (currently grayed out).
    I've changed the title of the window in case that matters....
    Many thanks

    • Aug 02 2012 | 11:15 am
      I'm working on an object that owns patchers and I found a solution but I don't know if it's the best way to do this. I created the patchers with t_dictionnary :
      x->f_patcher[i] = (t_patcher *)object_new_typed(CLASS_NOBOX, gensym("jpatcher"), 1, &a); and now i use :
      x->f_patchers[i] = (t_patcher *)newinstance(gensym("patchername"), 0, NULL); and the problem is solved.
      Can you tell me what is the solution to close a patcher without freeing it when you close the patcher window : https://cycling74.com/forums/objects-owning-patchers and what is your strategy to use signal in the patchers ?