I must be a dummy, please help me building an application !!!

    Feb 16 2013 | 7:34 pm
    Sorry for that silly question
    I have that patch, on which I would love to build an application. Doesn't work, always missing something. I can't get my way through the options (files to include, patches, etc.). Could anyone build that for me or help me doing it by myself in an easy way. Sorry cycling guys, that thing isn't clear for me. My email is jpdevin at gmail dot com.
    Many, many, oh so many thanks in advance !!!

    • Feb 16 2013 | 8:40 pm
      I know you'll need to manually add jitlib and object-palettes folder. Check the documentation for building standalones carefully as things are different on Mac and PC, they're different if you are using jitter or not (you are), and if you're using Java (you're not)...
      These steps always trick me too...whether I need to manually add things or if Max will add the needed bits automatically...in some cases yes, in some no. Not totally clear how it all works.
      Cool patch by the way! I don't have any vst~ to try on this machine but I bet they would sound really great!