I want to access files in folders

    May 15 2011 | 1:05 am
    But I don't want to change global file preferences. I searched the docs and couldn't find it. I think I've done it before...but I could be 100% wrong.
    Can you ever be less than 100% wrong, when wrong?

    • May 15 2011 | 8:16 am
      It depends a bit on the context, anyway objects you should look at are umenu folder filepath The latter allows you to temporarily add a path to the search paths.
    • May 15 2011 | 1:42 pm
      awesome! I'll check out filepath that sounds like it might do the trick. I'm using umenu already....wait I'm remembering something...
      if umenu outputs the .user/movies/pg...etc can't jit.qt.mov understand that? I tried to prepend read but it didn't work.
      thanks for your help!
    • May 15 2011 | 2:32 pm
      If you want to access anything outside of the search path, it's a good idea to use absolute paths.
      And if there's a space in the path you need to use tosymbol and then prepend read.
    • May 15 2011 | 4:40 pm
      thanks so much!!
      one (id like to think last) question. If I have a patch and a sound file in the same directory, using sfplay~, I should just be able to enter the file name of the sound file, right? I have other patches, and have for all my uses of Max done this. Now it's not working. Why would that be?
      New to Max5 and hoping it's a quirk or change
    • May 16 2011 | 9:08 pm
      Yes that should work, but there can be some funny things going on if the file wasn't there yet when you opened the patch (this is the case with loading subpatches in bpatchers too).
      Closing Max and then reopening the patch fixes this.