ICST ambisonics tools, service release 2.3.1 - please upgrade

    Sep 15 2014 | 4:40 pm
    Hello all,
    After a long overdue release for 64 bit of our ICST ambisonics tools, a number of issues have been reported that prevented their proper use. There was a bug in the attribute loading code that had been refactored for the 64bit release. To make matters worse, the widows build was also incomplete, running in debug instead of release mode.
    I’ve spent some time in the last weeks tracking down and fixing these issues and together with some users have verified that they are indeed fixed.
    We strongly suggest you discard the version 2.3 package and upgrade to the new version 2.3.1 from our new website: http://www.zhdk.ch/index.php?id=icst_ambisonicsexternals
    Don’t hesitate to contact us with reports, suggestions or (gasp!) praise.
    all the best