iCube(X) System + Sensors (Evolver)

    May 24 2006 | 6:04 am
    Well, a while back I bought this guy's whole interactive art setup. It
    included the iCube System, an EZIO board, MAX/MSP, Jitter, and a big pile of
    sensors and electronics.
    Anyway, turns out I don't have much use for the iCube System, so I'm
    considering selling it along with a bunch of sensors.
    -The current iCubeX system costs $600 and can be found here: /products_id/28
    -I however own the previous version, simply "iCube". I did some research and
    as far as I can tell, it is the same thing as the iCubeX system, except the
    firmware is version 4.0, not 4.1. This can be updated for $50. 4.1 adds some
    other functionality that may or may not be useful to you.
    -You can read about it here: _id/100
    -BTW, I have the manual and power supply.
    -As far as sensors and electronics, there are a few sensors wired up for use
    with the iCube including an LED, a potentiometer, two optical distance
    sensors, and a third party FSR (force sensing resistor) (which is a small
    1"x1" circle on a stalk) wired up to work with the iCube.
    -Also are a bunch of wires designed to work with the iCube, however they
    have no sensors attached to them. The amount to about 20 channels of data
    (judging by the pins).
    -Finally I have a box of miscellaneous potentiometers and sliders (some with
    LEDs on them).
    So that's a slightly old iCube system + about $200-400 in sensors.
    Anybody want it for $500? Is that a reasonable price?
    And if anybody is willing to trade a D.S. Evolver for it, that's what I'm
    planning on buying.
    Thanks, sorry if this is ot or against the rules.
    Morgan Sutherland