Identify devices with persistent id in python with LiveApi

    Mar 19 2013 | 10:19 am
    Hi !
    i'm working in a ipad modular concept controller using the live API and python. i'v started with the LiveOSC scrpits and i'v modified lot off stuff to fit my needs. As modular i need to control the devices not with his path.I need to keep referenced the object with a unique id in all the project. Does anybody knows if it's possible to identify the devices not with his path (like track[0].device[0]) with a unique id that persists in the project ?i've problems identifying a device that has been deleted when i have for example 3 equal devices in the same track or if the user modify positions in the live set "when the app is not listening the script".Also i need to identify the project name or unique id to load customizations in the app depending the project.
    I know in M4L this concept, but i don't know how to get it with the python environment: Inspector
    Persistence: The live.object object has a special entry in its inspector labelled "Use Persistent Mapping". This setting, when enabled, causes the id associated with the object to persist when the Live document is saved and restored, and when the Max Device is moved between the Live application and the Max editor, or within the Live Set. Beginning in Live 8.2.2, Live API ids remain persistent between launches of Live, which in conjunction with the Persistence feature of live.object, and live.remote~, makes it possible to create simpler devices which retain their association with elements in the Live user interface.
    My controller is not like the others i'v seen, i'm trying to customize my own group of controls with different devices params in it. I'll be really appreciating any help! you guys are the experts in this field !