Ignore value in a list???

    Mar 05 2006 | 4:54 pm
    Hi everybody,
    I work with Mspinky,vinyles which send signal data to work with Max/msp,
    When I play vinyle i have a list of numbers exemple:0.0001 0.2345 0.3456 etc but analogic signal of the turntable have imperfection because receive micro-signals and the list i have is 0.00001 0.2345 -0.4568 0.3456 0.3765 -0.6834 0.75...... i search a max object to keep just the logical numbers and ignore the illogical numbers in my previous list i would keep just the logical suit 0.0001 0.2345 0.3456 0.3765 0.75.....
    someone can help me??
    Thanx by advance