I'm new to Max 5 - noobies here!

    Apr 27 2008 | 1:35 am
    OK I had Max/MSP for 6 weeks - busy - then found out new update release date - starting to learn now - first tutorials are really easy but i know it will get harder
    Any 'virgin' Max users started at 5 that have hardly used the old versions? !

    • Apr 27 2008 | 2:10 am
      Ya... and you have nothing to worry about! If you think that first tuturials were easy then you are on the good way. Max 4 it's easy and on it you only go where you can go! ;) all depends on your way to understand Max working process. For me, the only thing that some one teach me was the "right left, bottom top" order, and the basic objects like bang, toggle, message box and object box. All the rest that is only logic... you can only open a door if you have a key; else get a key!
      Max5 is easier. the upgrade was not the number of functions of the objects... ok, one or two are different, but the philosophy is the same.. the real diference is about cleaning patches, and more clean, more eficient and easy to understand and correct and get it better.
      My advice is: do not forget the PDF file called manual and put your eyes on all tuturials. On my last work I've read the manual 3 or 4 times to refine the patches to the maximum possible, and it work!
      good luck and don't be afraid!