image queue techniques

    Aug 20 2008 | 6:48 pm
    I am working on an installation that involves taking of still images from a video feed, storing them into a queue, then playing them back with transitions on an output screen. I am curious about techniques for the naming and storing of image files for later recall. the client wants to be able to add and remove images from the queue. I have considered a scripted file naming structure as well as trying to use jit.matrixset. With either of these methods i see myself having to give them a smaller upload program to add images to ensure that the images get added to the jit.matrixset or that they get named correctly for the script. In the case of the matrixset, i don't see how an untrained person could easily remove an image from the queue. have any of you found a ROBUST and efficient method for this type of updating image queue? is my answer potentially in java implementation? is there a way to set up jitter so that the client could drag and drop images of the correct size and codec in and out of a folder and jitter can handle the changing contents well?
    thanks a ton