imovie sound issue when switching between .mov files

    Jul 18 2011 | 9:05 pm
    Hi all,
    While this is not specifically a Jitter issue, I haven't had any luck in the MaxMSP forum, so I'm posting it here. If anyone knows of a solution to this issue using either imovie or that would be greatly appreciated.
    I'm trying to create a situation where I can switch between different .mov files.
    This comes straight from Max Tutorial 12: Movie Playback:
    I'm having an issue with the sound. Whenever I switch between the "" and any other movie, the sound continues momentarily while the next video starts playing. How can I avoid this? I would like a movie file's sound to stop instantly when switching to another movie.
    The tutorial states that, since all the movies are already preloaded via the "read" message, there will "be little latency" between the movies when switching. I'm guessing this issue with sound is a latency problem. Is there a way to avoid this latency?
    Thanks for any advice.