Implementing MIDI-based portamento

    Mar 29 2011 | 6:55 pm
    I'm trying to create portamento between two notes using MIDI. According to the MIDI standard, this is possible, though I *am* aware that not all synthesizers implement it.
    Attached below is a test patch I am using to see if I can get it working - I've had not success so far, so looking for help. Choose your MIDI device from the dropdown, then bang at the top (the patch sends on MIDI channel 1).
    Basically, the patch sends Omni Mode off, then sets Mono mode to 1, then turns Portamento on, and then sets the coarse Portamento time to 50 (range 0-127). It then plays two notes sequentially, then turns them both off.
    I used Jeff Glatt's excellent MIDI site as the basis for MIDI specs:
    Any help greatly appreciated! Dan