Import function & audio output help (Drum Rhythmic sequencer project)

    Jan 27 2013 | 2:25 pm
    Hello, i need a bit of help with my drum machine rhythm sequencer, i cant seem to get the output audio correct or the import function to work.
    below is my counter project and the sequencer table project, would it be possible if you could help me with any pointers to get these two functions working co-operativly. The import function i need to be able to import sample audio (drum samples) so that the rhythmic sequencer can used to create different rhythms.
    thanks for reading cloud078

    • Jan 27 2013 | 2:37 pm
      * send/receive pairs only take one argument - that's why "send counter 2" won't ever work, but "send counter_2" would.
      * don't duplicate out functionality that you don't have working yet.
      * you have connected a numberbox directly to *~ and on to an output. This won't help samples play, you need to trigger a sample (as you know). I'd use "Groove" - send it a "0" message and you should be off. (this looks like you're reproducing from memory and left out a couple of objects? Make sure the grooves are named after their respective buffer~s.
      * speaking of buffer, look at their outlets, and see what's wrong in your patch. There's helpful text if you hover.